Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Hillsborough: What is the truth? - Sir Norman Bettison resigns

According to Sky News, Hillsborough Police Chief Bettison Quits, Sir Norman Bettison has resigned as Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police with immediate effect.

Councillor Les Carter, vice-chairman of the West Yorkshire Police Authority is quoted as saying:

I can confirm that the Police Authority has accepted Sir Norman’s resignation with immediate effect. The media attention and Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) investigation is proving to be a huge distraction for the force, at a time when it is trying to maintain performance and make savings of £100m. We therefore believe that his decision is in the best interest of the communities of West Yorkshire

I had been planning to write to West Yorkshire Police Authority with evidence indicating that Bettison had lied to the Merseyside Police Authority when he was Chief Constable designate of Merseyside Police.

Bettison continues to deny any wrongdoing:

I have never blamed the fans for causing the tragedy

Sky News also indicates that Bettison refuted reports of a conversation it was claimed he had in the months after the tragedy.

The suggestion that I would say to a passing acquaintance that I was deployed as part of a team tasked to ‘concoct a false story of what happened’, is both incredible and wrong. That isn’t what I was tasked to do, and I did not say that.

The BBC website is also carrying the story about Bettison's resignation: Sir Norman Bettison resigns from West Yorkshire Police.

I believe that Mr. Bettison's resignation has the effect, given that he resigns with immediate effect, of nullifying any Police disciplinary action against him.

He is, as I understand it, only subject to any criminal charges that might be made against him in due course.

The tactical advantages to Mr. Bettison of an immediate resignation are clear.

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